D1 D2 D3 D4 S/R LED: High-end retrofit, LED to HID ballast

Published by unipower July 04,2023


As some customers complain that D1S/R D2S/R D3S/R D4S/R from HID to LED is a headache

because normal LED lamp in D series isn't non-destructive installation, the connection is to let ballast

alone and another 2 wire tapped on, here it is.


D3S LED 01


For its solution, that is what we have carry out the new project of D led lamp which could directly

connect to HID ballast without any other destructive to wire, pls see below.


D3S LED 02


To offer convenient installation to you, and you could much enjoy the LED lighting

good pattern and brightness.


D3S LED 03


In power voltage this D led lamp is both made to compatible to original HID D lamp, here is our

D led lamp data sheet, in which D5S is made higher power than those in market.


D3S LED 04

(We provide D1S/R D2S/R D3S/R D4S/R D5S D8S/R)

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