How to deal with the fogging of auto headlights?

Published by unipower July 20,2022

Car lights are the eyes of a car and are of great significance to safe driving.

In the deep winter, the phenomenon of auto headlights fogging gradually increases, and the fog may

even condense into water droplets, causing many hidden dangers to driving safety. So how should

we deal with headlight fogging?


How to deal with the fogging of auto headlights 01


-- How much does the fogging of car lights affect the brightness?

The fog in the lampshade will affect the normal light transmittance, and even shift the direction of the light beam

of the car light, causing astigmatism. The scattered light has no penetrating power and will increase the risk of traveling in

snowy and foggy days and at night.

How to deal with the fogging of auto headlights 02


-- Why do car lights fog up?

1. Large temperature difference

Car headlights usually have a vented rubber tube on the back cover for heat dissipation. Because of its existence, the

moisture in the air has the opportunity to adhere to the inner surface of the lampshade to form water mist. In other words,

in the case of a large temperature difference, the appearance of fog is normal.


2. Normal water ingress

Except for the temperature difference, after the vehicle is waded or washed, the accumulated water is not thoroughly dried

or drained, which may cause water to enter the headlights through the rubber tube. As long as there is no stagnant water, it is normal.


3. Water ingress due to sealing problems

However, if the amount of water in the headlights obviously exceeds the standard, forming water accumulation, it can

basically be determined that there is a problem with the sealing of the headlights. Either the large lampshade or the back

cover is damaged, or there is a problem with the sealing strip between the lampshade and the back cover.


-- What should I do if the car lights fog up?

(If the headlights only form water vapor underneath and the upper surface is still very clean, then it usually fogs up normally.

It is recommended to put some desiccant and turn on the headlights frequently. By turning on the lights to dry the water

vapor inside, it will usually disperse in about a week.)

(If the water accumulation inside the headlight is serious, go to a professional 4S shop or repair shop to disassemble it, open

the lampshade, and after drying, check the surface of the headlight for damage or possible leakage, such as no abnormality is

found, it is recommended to replace the sealing strip and vent pipe of the headlight rear cover.)


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