Do you want to find a LED lighting with perfect heat dissipation?

Published by unipower May 22,2024

Do you want to find a LED lamp with perfect heat dissipation effect? The following

new technology quartz tube lights will definitely surprise you.


 First, let’s take a look at conventional led heat dissipation (three steps) 


There is a distance between the lamp beads and the fan, and the heat is conducted through

the copper plate, and then to the fan to dissipate heat.

Disadvantages: The heat conduction on the copper plate will not be so fast, and some part of the

heat conduction process may be blocked, causing the lamp to fail to dissipate heat and burn the lamp).


high heat dissipation led light 01


 X10 Quartz Tube LED Light (One-step heat dissipation) 


The chip dissipates heat directly from the fan.

Advantage: In the future, there will be more room to increase the power lumens, because the most

basic heat dissipation problem is solved.


high heat dissipation led light 02


In addition to the advantages in heat dissipation, quartz tube LED lights are also an innovative

new technological revolution in the led car light market, and the future trend is considerable.


Halogen lamp -- Xenon lamp -- LED headlamp -- Quartz tube

This time it's not an upgrade, it's a revolution.When you test real samples, you will be the

beneficiary of this revolutionary product.


high heat dissipation led light 03


The lamp bead shines through the quartz tube 360°, There are no dark areas like halogen

lamps, but brighter than halogen lamps.


high heat dissipation led light 04

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