LED Headlight Bulbs

Non-destructive Installation replace HID D1 D2 D3 D4 D8 S/R D5S led bulb

- Non-destructive installation to replace the original car HID; - Brighter than the original HID xenon lamp; - D series led components are small in size, easy to arrange and optical design;

Product Specification:
  • Our service : OEM
  • Color temperature  : 6000k
  • Continuous Power : 35W D5S(45W)
  • Lumen : 4200LM
  • Heat dissipation material : copper+aluminium
  • Operating Temperature : -40℃~+80℃
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Product Details


1>. Can quickly alert the vehicle in front when overtaking on the road;

2>. When driving into the tunnel, it can be very bright for a moment and drive more safely.

d1s led bulb advantage


Non-destructive installation

d1s led bulb installation


Non-destructive installation, replace the original car HID

d1s led bulb non-destructive replace HID


Reflective cup, the plating layer is roasted (usually faded in 5 years);

LED installation does not affect, the light type is perfect

d1s led bulb advantage 02


The material is copper, with the best thermal conductivity

d1s led bulb heat dissipation


Lighting effect

d1s led bulb lighting 01d1s led bulb lighting 02

 Product Description


- Non-destructive installation to replace the original car HID;

- Brighter than the original HID xenon lamp;

- D series led components are small in size, easy to arrange and optical design;

- Low brightness attenuation;

- Fast startup response;

- Energy saving and environmental protection;


 Product Parameter


  Technical parameter     Original HID xenon lamp   D series LED  
  Lighting effect (color temperature K)     4300K(Yellowish)   6000K(Close to daylight)  
                       Lumen   3200lm   4200lm
                         Life   3000h   10000h
            Energy consumption   35W   35W
                       Safety   Smart power off   Smart power off
          Operating temperature   160℃   80℃

 More Available Model From This Series

d1s led bulb

  Model     D1S/R     D2S/R     D3S/R     D4S/R     D5S     D8S/R  
       Voltage         DC 85V           DC 85V             DC 85V            DC 85V            DC 85V            DC 85V  
       Power          35W           35W            35W             35W             45W             35W
     Brightness          4200LM        4200LM            4200LM            4200LM          3800LM          3800LM
        Color         6000K         6000K           6000K           6000K           6000K           6000K
Heat dissipation       turbo fan         turbo fan           turbo fan           turbo fan          turbo fan           turbo fan
     Material Cooper & Aluminum Cooper & Aluminum Cooper & Aluminum Cooper & Aluminum Cooper & Aluminum Cooper & Aluminum

 Our services

d1s led bulb: oem 01d1s led bulb: oem 02

we provide customized product services, outsourced product services, undertake various

auto parts projects, carry out independent brand establishing, and are committed to providing

customers with one-stop customized solutions.


d1s led bulb oem

Since 2017, the conventional headlights and small bulb sales trend is becoming more and more

serious, so we focus more on OEM+ Unique design. The following are our Unipower 2020 latest models.

Some are LED lights specially developed for a certain car model (American car series: Ford/Jeep , 

Janpanese car series: Toyota/Honda/Nissan etc), some are unique COB technologies, and some are

original innovations that we provide ONLY. this business line account for 30% of our company's sales.


d1s led bulb oem 02



 UNIPOWR Customer Testimonials 


Your response is appreciated, and gives me confidence that we can work with Unipower on this special

project. Please allow me some time to work out some details on our side, and I will surely re-connect

with you about it once again soon.                                                                      ----American customer

I have been buying led from china since 2018, but now I only order from you. Many suppliers visit us,

send samples to us for quality check. But we are only loyal to you currently. 

You service and products have so far been excellent and that is why we only want to buy from you

                                                                                                                            ---Australian customer

Yes I will buy from you, your led is good quality. I seldom had warranty with you during our previous

purchases and the way you honor guarantee is easy for me( make video or picture, then you send new

one to me). More I liked the super led I bought from you a year ago. 


d1s led bulb global show 01d1s led bulb global show 02

 Why Choose Unipower?


      Peer testimony: We has established good cooperation with LED chip brand suppliers

such as OSRAM, Philips, Samsung, Korea CSP, and USA CREE;

      Quality certification: Our products are CE and E-MARK certified, in line with

international standards;

      Quality service: 2 year warranty; 


d1s led bulb manufacturer advantage 01d1s led bulb manufacturer advantage 02


 UNIPOWR Factory Picture

d1s led bulb manufacturer factory 01d1s led bulb manufacturer factory 02d1s led bulb manufacturer factory 03

Unipower’s product are currently sold to more than 80 countries and regions, including the United

States, Canada, Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, etc.), South America (Ecuador,

Peru, Colombia), Southeast Asian countries (Thailand , the Philippines, etc.),  working with more

than 3,000 partners abroad.


 Products FAQ 


  Q: Do you supply sample?

  A: Yes, sample is available to test the products brightness and pattern beam.

  Q: Do you accept OEM order?

  A: Yes, we start to work with customer for OEM project since 2017. The advantage of OEM project is

that you are have the exclusive right to sell that model in your country, it’s a kind of market protection,

and OEM model usually enjoys longer profit gaining period, not easy to be replaced by market.

  Q: Can I do my private logo or my own box ? 

  A: Sure, When your order MOQ reach 10sets, it can be laser your private logo. 

  Q: How long is warranty?

  A: We provide 2 years Warranty for our all led car bulbs.


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