Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU 2018-2020 Accessories LED Cargo Light/Trunk Light

Published by unipower April 21,2022

With the rapid development of technology, the types of car lights are becoming more and more perfect to all kinds of

application events. The car lights introduced to you today must not be missed. Led cargo light/trunk light.


led cargo light for Jeep Wrangler JL


This light provides convenience, giving you a better driving and going out experience.


1. Simple installation


This lamp is mainly installed in the trunk of the car, the installation method is very simple. As shown below:


led cargo light installation 01led cargo light installation 02


2. High brightness


When we are camping outside, this light can provide us with a good visual experience. Because it is

installed on the trunk, turn on this light, we can find things, and can also illuminate the nearby area,

without carrying other lighting tools.

(One of the led strip light is facing down the ground, give extra light behind the tailgate of wrangler. The otheris on

the back side of the cover and it is going to inluminate the cargo area. So it is easy to see what we store in the JEEP.)


led cargo light feature 01


3. Warning function


This light has two colors. When we turn on these two lights, it can give warning to other

vehicles to ensure safety.

(If you find yourself on the side of road/maybe repair your jeep or change the flat tire. The flashing amber warning

light is help get your jeep can be noticed by other drivers to keep your safe at night.)


led cargo light feature 02


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