D1 D2 D3 D4 D8 S/R D5S LED: LED light to HID ballast

Published by unipower July 04,2023

D1S/R, D2S/R, D3S/R, D4S/R, D5S, D8S/R is widely use for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla

etc, usually it’s HID lamp to car original HID ballast, if refitted by LED, it’s much troublesome

and complicated installation because not directly to HID ballast. Here is the new coming D

led light to you a easy installation (direct plug to HID ballast) and satisfied lighting pattern.


d1s led lossless installation


For the D series products, first of all, our engineers have tested many models of lens in light

type and installation applications, such as Tesla, Audi, BMW.


D1 D2 D3 D4 D8 S/R D5S LED


in performance, this D LED light is superior for safety visiblity on road.


d1s led: lighting effect01d1s led: lighting effect02


The maximum power of the LED can reach 150W. When it is started, it will stabilize after

1-2 minutes. When it reaches 45W, it will be very bright.


d1s led advantage


Advantages 1. You can quickly alert the vehicle in front when overtaking.

Advantages 2. When driving into the tunnel, it can be bright for a moment and drive more safely.


The product is designed with pure copper heat conduction, combined with lamp beads and

turbo fan heat dissipation, which increases the durability of the product, And provide two

years of quality assurance.


d1s led


D1S/R, D2S/R, D3S/R, D4S/R, D5S, D8S/R specification info here is listing for simple reference.


d1s led 02

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