New Led Light: Quartz led headlight 360° light emitting

Published by unipower April 21,2022

Do you want to find a brand new high-tech LED lamp, say goodbye to the traditional way?


Recently, we launched a brand new LED lamp-N1 quartz rod technology headlight. The N1 headlight

is a brand-new technical design, which has amazing value in future market demands and trends.


new led light


Advantage 1: Quartz rob design drived by LED


new led light advantage 01


Advantage 2: The size of the light emitting point is exactly the same as that of the halogen lamp.

Real 360°emitting beam


new led light advantage 02


Advantage 3: Achieving a clear cut line beam pattern same as standard halogen lamp


new led light advantage 03

new led light advantage 04


Now sample is still under testing. If you are interested, please contact us.

Technical Support: Magic Lamp